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Healing Hands Medical Acupuncture Insurance/Billing and Payment Policy

Medicare and Medicaid do not cover Acupuncture services. Therefore, Dr. Fraley/Healing Hands Medical Acupuncture does not accept Medicare or Medicaid. However, any patient with Medicare or Medicaid will receive a 25% discount for services.

Many Commercial Insurance Companies do not cover Acupuncture services. However, some do. And hopefully, in the future, more will. Please, call your Insurance Company, PRIOR to your first appointment, and ask if your policy covers Acupuncture.

If your Insurance Policy DOES pay for Acupuncture, we will bill them for all of the services that we provide. You will be expected to pay, at the time of service, for your portion of the bill. You are responsible for any part of the bill that your insurance does not pay.

If your Insurance Policy DOES NOT pay for Acupuncture, you will need to pay for services, at the time of your visit. If you request it, we can provide you with the needed details of your visit and treatment, so that you may file your own claim with your insurance company. Some companies may pay for the office visit and any non-acupuncture treatment you may have received.

Dr. Fraley/Healing Hands Medical Acupuncture accepts cash, checks, all major credit/debit cards and HSA (Health Savings Account) cards.

Please bring your insurance card and photo ID to your first appointment.

Each visit is typically billed to have two or more of the following codes and rates:

99204 - Initial Evaluation, 45 minutes ($70)

99215 - Established patient, new/ extensive problem visit, 40 minutes ($50)

99211 - Follow up visit, 10 min ($25)

97810 - Acupuncture – first 15 minutes, ($60)

97811 - Acupuncture-additional 15 minutes ($50)

97813 - Electro Acupuncture first 15 minutes ($70)

97814 - Electro Acupuncture additional 15 minutes ($60)

20552 - Trigger Point Injection(s) 1 or 2 muscle groups ($60)

20553 - Trigger Point Injection(s) 3 or more muscle groups ($70)

97026 - Infrared heat ($20)

97016 - Cupping therapy ($40)

No Show or Late Cancel fee for non-emergency ($40)


If you have questions about our Insurance/Billing and Payment Policy, please feel free to call us @ 802-753-8394 email us at: [email protected] .